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       Joshua has been playing the saxophone for 20 years and has been performing professionally with bands in the Albuquerque/ Santa Fe area since 2010. He has also been working as  studio musician in the Albuquerque area since 2015. Although the saxophone is Joshua's primary instrument he has also been singing since the age of six and plays the piano. 

          In addition to having attended the UNM saxophone performance program he has also attended courses in special education and autism spectrum disorders. Joshua has  worked in disability services, created music programs for ARCA and has three years practicum as a certified applied behavior therapist for children on the autism spectrum. Joshua specializes in jazz improvisation with adult beginners and children who need more individualized education.

Prices and Policies

Saxophone Lessons:

Beginning - Advanced, all ages.= $40  per-hour

Voice Lessons:

Beginning - Advanced, all ages = $40 per-hour

Piano Lessons:

Beginning only, all ages.= $30 per-hour

-Cancellation required 24 hours in advance.



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